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What is a Silk Peel?

What is a Silk Peel?

Sometimes the name alone can be a little intimidating for those who worry about the “peeling” part. The official name for this treatment is Silk Dermalinfusion, which translates to using a serum or infusion to penetrate the skin.

We start with a diamond tip microdermabrasion, but instead of simply mechanically removing the top layers of dead skin cells, we take advantage of the suction of the machine. The microdermabrasion portion creates a suction or vacuum on the skin so that when the diamond tip slides across the surface, the dead skin cells are whisked up into the handpiece. In doing so, there is a moment when the pores are forced to enlarge just slightly. The Silk Peel has an additional component, a hose that is attached to the handpiece. The infusion of choice (there are several) follows the path of the hose and ends up in a reservoir where the diamond tip is located.

The infusion is then speedily infused directly into the enlarged pore and with suction, most of it is pulled back out again. The infusion that remains in the skin acts chemically with the skin to produce results (depending on which infusion is chosen) deeper within the layers of the skin, while the rest that is whisked back out brings extra debris and dead skin cells with it. In the end not only is the skin getting significantly cleaner than with that of a regular microdermabrasion machine, but the inclusion of the serum deep within the skin can help with skin concerns and disturbances that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The serum acts as a buffer to make the entire treatment very pleasant, and there is no peeling afterwards!

This is a treatment for almost all skin types, although I wouldn’t suggest it for an inflamed/active rosacea or acne. The treatments work best done in a series of 3-6, treated about 3-4 weeks apart, but can also be a one-off for those seeking a deeper clean than they could get with a facial or a regular dry microdermabrasion. My personal favorite is to combine it with a facial or a Laser Genesis, which enhances the results of each treatment, respectively.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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