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My ‘Pimple’ Turned Out To Be Skin Cancer

Photo, courtesy Amy Fallon.

Check out this recent article in Chatelaine magazine describing how our very own dermatologist Dr. Max Sauder diagnosed a skin cancer in someone who had come to our clinic looking for cosmetic treatment of a lesion. This actually happens almost weekly at our clinic! Note that our expert dermatologists not only diagnose and treat medical conditions in our medical department, but also oversee (and perform themselves all Botox and Filler injection treatments) our cosmetic clinic and ensure that patients receive world-class care there as well.



Stress of back to school can cause an outbreak so what’s a teen to do? – Globe and Mail

The teen years can be a stressful time, which is extra frustrating because acne can be both a symptom of, and contributor to, stress. “Stress can result in increased cortisol production which is a known aggravator for acne,” says Dr. Benjamin Barankin, dermatologist and medical director and founder of the Toronto Dermatology Centre and a…

Showering Less And Without Soap Is Increasingly Popular. But Why? – HuffPost Canada

The compulsive urge to shower is a distinctly modern obsession. Bathing frequently is widely considered to be a necessary and non-negotiable task (read: duty), just as much as it’s a testament to good personal hygiene. In some ways, it’s even been rebranded, as many mundane things have, under the contemporary guise of self-care: a metaphor for washing off…

The Chronicle of Skin & Allergy

Dr. Benjamin Barankin’s dermatologic expertise was recently quoted in The Chronicle of Skin & Allergy discussing the latest developments in psoriasis. Click here to read the full article.

This treatment could eliminate the tension headache you get from starting at the computer all day – Reader’s Digest Best Health

If you don’t like relying on medication to alleviate headaches and migraines, this could be a better alternative for you—and it has anti-aging benefits. There are a few things I blame for the tension headache I get between my eyebrows. The first: staring at my work computer. The second: squinting under the fluorescent lights at…

Health Canada approvals ready to make their way to clinics in 2019

Our very own Dr. Benjamin Barankin was recently quoted in The Chronicle of Skin & Allergy discussing new medications in dermatology, namely for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and psoriasis, and discussing the role of coffee in rosacea. Click here for the full article.

Dr. Anatoli Freiman is quoted in

Dr. Freiman shares his expertise on treating TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain with botox with TheKit alongside other experts for this disorder. To read the full article click here.

5 things that can make chapped lips worse, according to dermatologists

Our very own Dr. Benjamin Barankin was quoted in The Huffington Post discussing the treatment and prevention of chapped lips. If you keep getting chapped lips this could one of the reasons: Excessively licking your already-dried out lips, as Dr. Benjamin Barankin, dermatologist and medical director of Toronto Dermatology Centre, put it, leads to “short-term…

Pucker up! Top tips on taking care of your lips from a leading dermatologist

The skin that covers your lips is unique. It doesn’t have sweat or oil glands and it’s the thinnest skin on your body. That makes it especially vulnerable to day-to-day aggressors, like sun, wind, heat, salty foods and dryness. Add aging into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for extra dry and uncomfortable lips….

How to treat those dry, chapped winter lips – Global News

Our very own Dr. Benjamin Barankin was once again interviewed by Global News about skin issues, this time, chapped lips.  Cold weather and more specifically cold air, actually changes the surface of the lips. “On top of that, we heat [our skin] which dries out the air further, so ultimately there is less ambient…

Kim Kardashian has made it famous…what exactly is a “vampire facial?” – HealthLine

Dr. Benjamin Barankin’s was recently quoted in HealthLine about the process of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment or some may know it as “vampire facial” which is available at Toronto Dermatology Centre. Click here for the full article. Credit: