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Fall is officially here! It is time to think about putting away our summer clothes and start thinking about how to deal with what the summer sun has done to our skin. For those of us who are adamant about wearing sunscreen every day, there are fewer concerns than those who have foregone sun protection. […]

Toronto Dermatology Centre is back! Our doors have reopened and we are working hard to contact all patients whose appointments were cancelled due to COVID-19. If you had an appointment before but was cancelled, please feel free to give us a call back. We look forward to helping you. We have implemented extra sanitary precautions […]

Over 80% of the population experiences some kind of acne in their lifetime, ranging from a mild pimple, a few blackheads occasionally, to all-out war on the face with inflamed, raised and irritated pustules covering a portion or more of the face, short or long-term.  Our dermatologists help by prescribing medications, both oral and topical to alleviate [...]
There has been some confusion over whether or not interruption of treatment services will affect your overall outcome and reduce results. So, let’s go over different services that you may have been in the midst of having done when the COVID 19 pandemic forced the clinic to temporarily close down and what effect it may [...]
Have you seen some of the images of nurses and doctors after a full, and very long day after taking off their masks and protective eyewear? The skin has been chafed off, leaving red, crusty skin along the contact areas. It looks painful and irritated. It makes us appreciate all that they have been doing [...]
Due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures patients MUST BOOK an appointment for their phototherapy treatment. Walk-in is NOT available. Please contact us to schedule your phototherapy treatment as of June 1, 2020. Patient MUST BRING with them to the appointment: Cotton mask – some face mask may contain metal wiring which is prohibited for use during phototherapy Goggles – patients must bring [...]
The CDA recognizes World Melanoma Day, Monday, May 11th  as an important opportunity to draw attention to the rising incidence rate of this skin cancer among Canadians—one of the few types of cancer that continues to increase every year. The CDA will also release the results of the latest Sun Safe Behaviour Survey, which reveals what Canadians know [...]
More than half of patients can now survive a deadly skin cancer that was considered untreatable just a decade ago, say UK doctors. Ten years ago only one-in-20 patients would live for five years after being diagnosed with late-stage melanoma. Most would die in months. But drugs to harness the body’s immune system mean 52% [...]

April is Rosacea Awareness Month (designated by the National Rosacea Society) and our doctors have been posting information on social media sites this month to help patients understand what rosacea is and how to deal with it. Along with what they can do for you, we, as medical estheticians provide the key to removing the visual effects rosacea has left behind. Rosacea Awareness Month may only be 30 days long, but […]

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