Skin tags
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Skin tags

The Toronto Dermatology Centre is one of the best places in Toronto to manage your skin tags. Our staff of outstanding Toronto dermatologists offer both a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of your skin tags and also discuss all the best treatment options.

Skin tags around the collar

Skin tags on the body

Skin tags on the eyelid

What are skin tags?

  • Skin tags are harmless, fleshy, dangling skin growths that are usually brown or flesh-coloured.
  • Skin tags are common in warm, moist areas where clothing usually rubs, such as around the neck, underarms, chest and groin. Skin tags may also be found around the eyes.
  • Skin tags occur for a number of reasons. First we accumulate more skin tags as we grow older, and also they tend to be hereditary in some families. Skin tags are are particularly common in people who are overweight or obese, in diabetic persons, and often develop during pregnancy.
  • Skin tags are often numerous and catch on clothing or jewelry, thus skin tags are often a painful nuisance and most people don’t like the cosmetic appearance of them.
  • Skin tags in Toronto can be removed easily and safely by your dermatologist using a variety of techniques. Home or self- skin tag removal is not advised as we have observed scarring, infections, skin discolouration, significant pain and generally poor results.

Before & immediately after removal of large skin tag

*Result may vary from person to person.



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