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A dermatofibroma is a common benign skin lesion, thought in many cases to arise after a minor injury such as an ingrown hair or insect bite.

The true cause is unknown, though it is thought to be a reaction to a minor injury in some cases.

A dermatofibroma is most common on the arms and legs (seemingly more common in women), and once they develop, they tend to persist indefinitely.

Dermatofibromas are firm-hard nodules, and can vary in colour from pink to darker brown colours in darker skin types. Many people will in fact have multiple dermatofibromas.

In most cases, a dermatologist can make a clinical or visual diagnosis by just looking at a dermatofibroma, and sometimes your dermatologist will palpate/feel the lesion, or use a special instrument called a dermatoscope to confirm the diagnosis.

Occasionally a skin biopsy will be performed if your doctor has any doubt as to the diagnosis.

Dermatofibromas are mainly a cosmetic nuisance, although they can rarely be tender. They can also be in the way of shaving one’s legs and can get nicked or cut.

If the lesion is dark or changing, it should be assessed by a dermatologist. Dermatofibromas can be cut out using various techniques, or liquid nitrogen can be applied which can help fade the colour and flatten the lesion.

Here is a selection of medical scientific articles by our expert dermatologists Dr. Benjamin Barankin and Dr. Anatoli Freiman as they pertain to dermatofibroma:


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