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The importance of medical grade skin care

When I consult with a patient I will always recommend medical grade home care. It is important that I know they are using safe, effective products at home to either go along with their in-clinic procedures or to be used in lieu of treatments offered at our clinic.

Often people will ask if they can just use store bought products. My answer is usually the same: in order for me to know the outcome of their results, I need to be sure of the quality of their home care. Treating in clinic and then using whatever they can find at the drugstore will absolutely limit the degree of improvement in their skin. This is also true of sun care. With a higher percentage of active ingredients and the highest grade of all ingredients, I know that my patient is receiving the best possible chance to improve the quality and appearance of their skin.

Simply put, drugstore brands or even spa quality brands are not allowed the type of quality ingredients we carry. Why is this? Well, take retinol for instance. Without the guidance of a professional, the patient will most likely use it incorrectly, and then return it thinking they have an allergic response. Likewise, the patient quite often is at the mercy of an inexperienced salesperson who doesn’t know their skin type, or interactions with any medications they may be on. So often I have patients coming in to the clinic using products that are creating a problem instead of solving it.

When a patient has been seen by me, I choose the best products for the way their skin is at that time. Although skin can change over time, they will frequently stay with the same skin care regime for long periods at a time.

If the patient lives far away or is unable to get to the clinic during working hours, we offer shipping. Once we have established the correct routine for the patient they have the option to call us when they need a refill and we can have the products shipped directly to their home. What could be simpler? The items are usually shipped that day or the next and the patient can have their new products before their old ones run out. This way there is no interruption in their routine, and no need to run out and pick out something wrong for their skin from a drugstore.

We are always happy to see our patients in the clinic and it is good to try and drop by occasionally to see if there are any new products that might be even better for their skin. But for those who love the results of our recommendations and want to continue on the same path, we will also be offering the option of auto- ship. The patient will have the option to decide how often they would like their items shipped to them. There is no need to remember to call us to place an order and no need to run out of your favorite creams or cleansers. And auto – ship can be cancelled at any time if the skin’s needs have changed.

At Toronto Dermatology Centre, we understand that our clinic is not always that easy to get to, especially for those who live out of town. We strive to make your skin better and your life a little easier. Drop in or call us to get more information on our shipping options. There is no need to ever go without your best home care again!

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