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Why Sweating at Work Can Be a Serious Problem

Why Sweating at Work Can Be a Serious Problem

“As people go about their daily work lives, whether in a restaurant or office or networking and interacting with colleagues, customers, clients, vendors, and other associates, there can be a common but hidden scourge: excessive sweating.  In fact, a national survey conducted by the International Hyperhidrosis Society —the scholars of sweat—  shows multiple millions suffer from extreme, uncomfortable, embarrassing, debilitating and emotionally-devastating sweating. This type of sweating is a serious medical condition known as hyperhidrosis and nearly 367 million people of all ages struggle with it on their hands, feet, face, underarms or body. Hyperhidrosis can be particularly devastating in work environments where “keeping your cool” is the name of the game and “image is everything.” While many people attempt to hide their sweating problems and suffer in silence, the impacts are often hard to cover up. Dramatic sweating in the presence of peers at work, or in environments like team dinners, expos, conferences, customer meetings, happy hours, and other events, can cause severe embarrassment, stress, anxiety, and other emotional issues. Even when people are alone, hyperhidrosis often takes a heavy toll—adversely impacting one’s productivity in a myriad of ways, both professionally and personally.” Click here to continue.

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