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Skin Care First Aid:

Happy New Year! I hope everyone was able to have a joyous holiday season, despite the ice storm, cold weather and stress that tends to accompany this time of year.

I was one of many who were ousted from my home after the ice storm hit on the Saturday night. With few belongings we headed over to my in-laws for what we thought would be a day or two at most. It didn’t occur to me to bring my arsenal of skin care or make up, as I thought the bare essentials would guide me through those few days.

But as the days went on and on and the stress levels kept building, I started to notice unusual inconsistencies with my skin. Obviously stress played a major part, but then so did the cold. We had to travel back and forth from Markham daily to make sure our pipes didn’t freeze and to see if our hydro had been turned on yet. My lips got drier, I developed a rash all over one side of my face and dark circles started to emerge. My skin quickly became dull and tight. Let’s not even talk about my hair! 

As the days rolled on I realized I wasn’t going home anytime soon, so on one of my visits to the house I grabbed my winter skin care first aid. I started with the TDC lip balm, with carnauba wax, aloe and vanilla. For the rash, I used a combo of Skinceuticals Blemish and Age on the breakouts and Clayton Shagal Colhy Gel all over, including right up under my eyes and on my lids. I spritzed my skin daily with Jane Iredale Hydrating Mist and applied my SkinMedica TNS moisturizer every evening.

Of course I wore SPF daily, as it was one of the staples I brought right from the start. I was skimpy on my make up, but was sure to include my mineral powder and blush along with my lip gloss, all natural of course! And I am proud to say I didn’t forget Latisse for my lashes. In this weather it would have been smart to apply a primer and BB cream to maintain hydration and luster, but that is a lesson I will remember for next time.

We didn’t get back into our house until New Year’s Eve, around dinner time, 10 days after the storm. The house was a mess, food was all ruined and some of our pot lights had cracked from the extreme cold. My skin, however was on the mend and quickly showing signs of a former me. The rash was gone, lips were hydrated and the dark circles were starting to fade. Although it may take a few more days to get the glow back, my skin didn’t feel tight anymore. I had been almost two weeks without my Clarisonic as well, and I find that the Clarisonic is the fastest way for me to get my glow back.

I am hoping that 2014 will show that I have learned something from this. I am traveling south at the end of this month, and this time I will be prepared. First on my list will be my skin care first aid, and from now on, I will be sure not to travel anywhere without it! 

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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