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Profractional Laser: who is it for and what can it do for you

By now most people have heard of fractionated resurfacing lasers. With the ability to target and correct acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, pigmentary concerns, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin, there are few people who wouldn’t benefit from the capabilities of such a laser.

While there are several fractionated resurfacing lasers on the market, Toronto Dermatology Centre has been working with the Sciton Profractional laser since our doors first opened. Choosing the most capable, top of the line ablative resurfacing laser has allowed us the opportunity to correct skin problems for our patients over and over again. With a wavelength that is more water absorbent than any other laser on the market, we are able to stimulate more collagen with less treatments.

The Profractional laser is an ablative scanning device that works by destroying cells in the dermal layer of the skin. The skin’s natural defense mechanism kicks in to create new cells. The new cells are not scarred and are not depleted of volume or nutrients, and therefore are full and healthy. By fractionally destroying cells, the remaining cells work to create the new skin which is formed in the matrix. Since the treated area is fractionally scanned, the downtime is very minimal, about 2-5 days.

While it takes about a month for the new cells to reach the outer layers of the skin, and improvement can be seen at this point after each treatment, I find that results are more visibly apparent about 2-3 months after each treatment, with improvement continuing up to 6 months after every service. The amount of treatments needed for best results varies depending on the severity of the condition. Generally I suggest a series of 3-6 for optimal results. The Profractional laser treatments can be done as soon as a month apart, but can certainly be done effectively with a longer stretch of time between appointments.

Although there are few contraindications, it us always best to consult with a medical esthetician to be sure the Profractional laser is right for your concerns. With the ability to aerate the skin, not trapping in heat like non-ablative lasers and not adding additional heat like most traditional lasers, this device is safe for all skin types, from pale to dark, without concern for hyperpigmentation. Unlike its counterparts, the Profractional laser has the ability to add heat for lighter skin tones if tightening and volume is the goal. This option is not available in any other laser.

Our lasers are and always have been the ultimate in technology. We strive to help our patients achieve their goals. Our Sciton Profractional laser is a big part of why our patients are so happy with their skin. Come in now and see how we can help you with yours.

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~Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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