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Interested in improving your skin, but don’t have the time to recover from more invasive treatments? There are plenty of options available at Toronto Dermatology Centre (TDC) that require little to no down-time and their benefits can be surprising.

Ranging from instant but shorter results to treatments that take a little longer to see results, but have extended benefits, there are undoubtedly multiple services that suit even the busiest of lifestyles.

One of our newer services, the Bela MD, is a combination of the Silk Peel microdermabrasion and Hydrafacial. Utilizing dry diamond microdermabrasion, hydrogen water infusion, ultrasonic cleanse and extraction, neuromuscular stimulation, BELA MD serum infusion, and electroporation, your skin will be exfoliated, hydrated, lifted and toned. In just one hour, with the most relaxing treatment at TDC, your skin will be revived and renewed. My patients tell me they can see the benefits for up to a month post-treatment!

People are sometimes afraid to try chemical peels for fear of extreme redness, peeling and even looking like they have a sunburn. There are so many types of chemical peels, and depending on the ingredients, the pH and the buffers, some of even the more advanced peels offer little to no peeling. I love the GlycoAge Peel!  A great peel for anti-aging, but with no visible peeling, it can be performed on a lunch hour and have you back to work without skipping a beat. Removing dead skin cells helps your homecare to penetrate the skin better and keep the skin looking smoother, lessening fine lines and wrinkles.

Even our customized facials can be so beneficial for the skin. Sure there may be a little redness after an acne facial, but for someone with dry skin or rosacea skin, hydration and softness as well as irritation relief can be felt and seen immediately. Some of my patients even leave the clinic less red than when they came in, which in itself can be a big relief.

Some minor invasive treatments also have next to no downtime too. Microneedling alone or microneedling with PRP will often leave the skin a little pink or red right afterwards. However, in most cases, by the next day the skin is usually back to normal. With the ability to stimulate collagen and improve acne scarring, you can imagine the benefits these treatments have on the skin.

Finally, one of our newest services, the Forma, works with radiofrequency to tighten the skin, both immediately and cumulatively. This is one of the best options for the neck, where the skin is so distinctly harder to treat than the face for skin tightening. Feeling like a hot stone massage, the face, the neck, or both can be gently tightened for short or long term results and without downtime.

So, there you have it! Not all services have to have downtime, not all services have to be uncomfortable. Some provide immediate results and some take some time, but all benefit the skin and can help you in achieving the goals your skin deserves.

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