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New technology at TDC – get ready for something special!

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Unlike many clinics, Toronto Dermatology Centre doesn’t tend to jump on the “latest and greatest” train when it comes to technology. We do a ton of research, seminars, peer suggestions & discussions with technology & laser gurus from around the world, and trials of our own before committing to a new device for our patients. We do NOT use our patients as guinea pigs; ever!  One area we had been looking into for several years was skin tightening. But we didn’t want just any device. We needed something that was tolerable (pain) for the patient, didn’t require the patient to come in every month for the rest of their lives, and was at an affordable cost with little-to-no downtime. A very high satisfaction rate is also super important to us as is our reputation.

We also wanted to look into the field of merging not only RF (Radiofrequency) with microneedling but also to develop combination treatments that would allow the patient quicker results with less down time and fewer clinic visits.

After many years, we have found the perfect combination of “wants and needs” from our wish list. Introducing Inmode Forma and Morpheus 8, with additional Lumecca handpiece to compliment the other services for an all-over impressive rejuvenation experience.

Fractora (we thought it was good, but knew something better was coming) has made an excellent name for itself in the time it has been in both Canada and the USA. The Morpheus 8 is the newest version of the Fractora with advanced application of treating both face and body through RF (radiofrequency) and microneedling. With the ability to treat texture, scars (especially acne scarring), lines and wrinkles, colour, tone and tightening for the face and body, without discomfort or downtime, the Morpheus 8 can be combined with Lumecca to deal with sun damage or the Forma to advance skin tightening starting in one application. Although each patient is unique, and depending on your goals, less treatments are required overall and results come sooner.

For those who have healthy skin but may have some volume loss or loose skin, either on the face or the body, the Forma can provide excellent results. Unlike most RF devices, the Forma is not painful. It feels like a hot stone massage and many patients even fall asleep during the treatment. Results are immediate and no downtime is required. Its really something to behold.

The Lumecca is a more powerful (3x) IPL (intense pulsed light) device that can be used to enhance the results of both the Forma and the Morpheus 8 and can be performed on the same day. By adding the Lumecca, the patient can treat sun damage (vascular and brown pigmented lesions) and increase collagen production while treating for their other concerns at the same time, reducing downtime and visits to the clinic.

This is really a major victory for us at Toronto Dermatology Centre. We have spent years trying to find just the right device for our patients; we were simply not interested in lackluster results or too much pain or too much cost or downtime for our patients. The Inmode trio (Forma, Morpheus 8 and Lumecca) fulfills all of our wish list requests and we can’t wait to share our victory with you.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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