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Model Louisa Northcote starts new acne positivity hashtag on Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram @lounorthcote

People who struggle with acne know firsthand that breakouts are much more than just a visible blemish; they can be the difference between spending time with friends and not wanting to leave your room, or exuding confidence and feeling insecure. Throw in the pressure to curate social media feeds with HD-perfect, filtered selfies, and it’s a recipe for easily comparing yourself to an unrealistic beauty standard.

Enter #FreeThePimple, a new moment in the acne positivity movement that is about to take over your social media feed.

As Yahoo! reported, British model Louisa Northcote started the hashtag in an effort to encourage an open discussion among people struggling with the physical and emotional effects of acne.

Louisa’s feed is filled with un-retouched images of her own skin, with captions expressing why it’s so important to her to show off the unfiltered version of herself. In one of her first #FreeThePimple posts from March of this year, Louisa shared a heartfelt explanation about why acne visibility and positivity is so important to her. “I am part of a generation that is all about change and speaking up. I suffer with acne so therefore I guess I am not perfect but that is OK,” she wrote. “I spent so many years covering it up, having it affect my day, affect my life and affect my mental health but now I embrace it as it is part of who I am.” Continue to read more.


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