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Microneedling for Anti-Aging & Acne Scars:

Although there are many options for antiaging and scar treatments available at medical clinics these days, there are few that are as safe, effective and without down time such as the automated Micro Needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or Accelerated Collagen Stimulation (ACS).

The concept of using a micropen instead of the original Dermaroller allows the microneedles to go straight into the skin from an upright position, as opposed to coming in at an angle when the roller is moving along the skin’s surface. The pressure applied is more consistent than when treating manually with the roller, and although outcome can be excellent with both options, the automated version simply eliminates variables that can weaken the end result.

Two versions of microneedling exist, and many different pens are on the market. It is important to be sure that the Micropen (or needle) has been approved by Heath Canada, as many versions, even some of those being used at clinics today, and of course all that are being sold on sites like Amazon, do not meet the health standards approved by our National health board. The ACS pen is commonly treated by infusing a layer of hyaluronic acid (HA) directly into the skin, very similar to aerating the lawn. By creating micro-holes in the skin and allowing HA to penetrate the skin into the top layers of the dermis, we are helping to create new collagen while adding improved texture and volume via the HA. Over time, and after several treatments, smoother skin, added volume and an overall healthier skin is observed. Scars will appear smaller, raised or recessed scars will start to even out, and fine lines and wrinkles will be smoother.

The second version is a cross between regular microneedling and The Vampire Facelift, where your own plasma is infused back into your skin and therefore increasing the collagen production from about 200% with regular microneedling (which is still pretty amazing) to up to 1000%!!z

In both cases, there is little to no downtime, discomfort is minimal, and although it does take time for results to show with any collagen inducing treatment (usually about 2 months), the results are actually pretty amazing. Every patient will experience the results in a different way, with younger patients seeing results sooner and those with scars seeing results more obvious than those who are treating for anti-aging benefits. Like any treatment, proper home care and use of sunscreen will only help to bump up the results.

I have seen some incredible results with stretch marks as well. I definitely recommend treating them with the PRP version in conjunction with a topical product called Stratamark.

Finally, at our Toronto Dermatology Centre, we are also treating patients with Profractional laser and infusing the plasma into the skin. Although this isn’t microneedling, it is done by treating at low microns and multiple passes to create more of a micropeel effect, but due to the number of passes and the depth of the treatment, the patient should experience advanced results without the downtime normally associated with regular settings of profractional laser. The plasma is easily infused into the skin with each pass and again at the end of the treatment. A bronzing effect covers the skin, but without downtime other than the slight pink/ brown colour fading out daily.

What treatment suits your needs best?

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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