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Men Vs. Women, Mars Vs. Venus

Men and women think differently. Well, that isn’t news, is it? But often when it comes to helping people with their esthetic concerns, it is easy to forget this important rule of thumb. Where a woman may be drawn to name brands, smell and packaging, men are more often attracted to the simplest means to an end. Certainly there are women who think like men, and of course there are men who may be attracted to the things women find appealing in their products. Yet, in general, there is a split in the way each sex is drawn to their potential choice in home care, services and choice in service provider.

I used to work at a MedSpa in the Yorkville area. There, most of my patients were women, women who came in to buy, buy, buy. They chose our clinic based on the name, the area, and probably the reputation. At Toronto Dermatology Centre, we are dealing with a different crowd. With an equal cross section of men and women, both OHIP and non-OHIP, our patients are there for results. We get a plethora of women and men with every type of skin concern you could imagine walking through our door. Backed by the intelligence and experience of our Dermatologists, men feel more comfortable seeking out help in an atmosphere that doesn’t cater predominantly to women only.

I feel that men like to get right to the heart of their concern. If I over suggest to them, it may be a turn off, it may be overwhelming. I often start with showing them how to properly cleanse their skin. I suggest one cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen that is simple and easy to use. If their skin needs something extra, such as a micro scrub, corrective gel or spot treatment, I may suggest one of the three to get them started. For treatments, I believe patients will get the best results by using a mix of services. For example, I may suggest Profractional laser resurfacing alternating with chemical peels for acne scars. The concept of this may be more than what the typical man is ready for. Instead I will suggest the treatment that I believe will give them the best results and explain that treatment to them technically. I would let them know we may incorporate other services down the road only if needed. 

I like to give the patient some home reading that backs up my suggestion, letting them do the research. It is important that they feel ready and informed before making any decision regarding medical treatments. Oddly enough, I find that women tend to like to do the research at our clinic more studiously than our male patients. Men are often decision minded, whereas women like to “think about it first.”

In all cases it is my job to understand how to reach my patient. My end point is to help each and every patient to achieve the goal they came to see me about in the first place. To treat each individual in a way that they can understand me and feel safe with my suggestions for them is essential. To be able to appeal to the ways men and women think differently is mandatory.

I love the wide variety of patients who walk through our door. I love having the opportunity to tackle obstacles that were not presented to me in a MedSpa. We are always learning and evolving to become better in our profession. Whereas in the past, it was easy to help women who came to a clinic/ spa knowing what they wanted, it is now always a challenge to act and react to patients who come in all ages, sizes and sex. The skin care profession is no longer a Women’s Only club, men are now stepping it up big time. Welcome to the club, men. Now we can all be beautiful.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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