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Melanoma “down there” –

Melanoma “down there” –

Katie Gerber’s melanoma was caught at an early stage.

Katie Gerber wasn’t that worried when her boyfriend pointed out the especially dark mole on her left buttock. It was in a place that wasn’t exposed to the sun and besides, “it was perfectly round and it didn’t have any of the odd edges or any of the other signs that you look for,” she remembered.

Still, to be on the safe side, the 29-year-old made an appointment with her dermatologist to get it checked out. “When it came back as melanoma, it was really jarring,” Gerber, who lives in Los Angeles and is now 39, said.

One of the common myths about melanoma is that it’s always the result of sun exposure. While the sun probably plays a role in many cases, experts say some people inherit genes that make them prone to develop this skin cancer without any exposure to the sun’s rays.

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