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Managing your skin in winter: Essential at-home care

Woman wearing robe applying cream to area around her eyes

Winter seems so long and although I feel we are finally on the upside coming towards spring, I find myself dragging much more than I would during the nice weather months. No matter, whether I get a full night’s sleep (not often anymore, I am afraid) or 5-6 hours of interrupted sleep, my skin, my hair and my body show visible signs of fatigue. I know as the days start to get longer and the sun is shining a little brighter some of these symptoms will subside, but for now what are my options?

We tend to think big. In other words to improve the skin we think in terms only of lasers or more aggressive treatments. Well, I absolutely agree that this is the time of year to clear up lingering concerns such as sun damage, sun spots & freckles, broken vessels, fine lines and wrinkles and scars. I believe this is a great time to begin laser hair removal to alleviate the constant shaving (and razor bumps!!) that can be so annoying. But there are several modalities that can help us achieve our goals. In-clinic procedures really are the only way to truly achieve the end results for some concerns but that doesn’t mean we should be neglecting what we need to be doing at home.

“Any effective way to topically treat aging skin must include a multi-modal approach that combines symbiotic ingredients to ameliorate cutaneous damage” said dermatologist Dr. Sameer Bashey recently. I would go one step further and say that this analogy applies to acne, scarring, pigment and just about any other skin deviation that a patient is dealing with.

Clinical studies have proven over and over again the difference between using medical grade products vs store bought products on the skin. Multiple studies done by ZO Medical, including the latest study, a 12 week case series on their Wrinkle + Texture Repair product with active Retinol show short and long term results, and bragging rights, that simply cannot be challenged by over the counter products. And it isn’t just the specialty products that make a difference to the skin in a way drugstore brands cannot. Using an alkaline based cleanser on the skin and expecting your products to penetrate is like asking yourself to magically walk through a locked door.  Products need to work synergistically, and preferably from the same line in order to optimize the degree of change needed in the skin’s dermis, and ultimately, the surface of the skin.

My boyfriend’s teenage daughter used the GSR kit from ZO, which is their starter kit, for 2 days and noticed her acne disappearing quickly. She is thrilled with her results, and of course thinks I am superwoman for getting her on the system. It is easy to use and the backbone for all conditions from acne to pigment to rosacea and on and on.

People are so easily inclined to believe everything they read on the Internet, especially if it saves them time or money. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation, probably more than there are truths out there. Medical grade home care has documented medical studies that prove their worth and how they can be effective for improving in–clinic treatments when used both before and after treatments. Quality over quantity. Similarly with food; garbage food is unhealthy and makes us sluggish and is damaging to the aging process. Medical-grade home care keeps us looking alert, aids the health of the skin and even corrects damage. Used in conjunction with services at a qualified and respected clinic like Toronto Dermatology Centre, you are giving your skin, no matter the concerns you may have, the fundamentals needed to reverse and correct imperfections.

We can’t speed up the days till Spring gets here when days get longer and warmer, but we can slow down the clock when it comes to aging and the health of your skin. Don’t make excuses! Get on board with the ZO GSR (Getting Skin Ready) kit and have our medical esthetician customize it for your individual concerns with Daily Power Defense, Wrinkle + Texture Repair or whatever is appropriate.  Beat the winter blahs and have gorgeous skin year-round.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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