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Managing your skin in the Fall

Fall is officially here! It is time to think about putting away our summer clothes and start thinking about how to deal with what the summer sun has done to our skin. For those of us who are adamant about wearing sunscreen every day, there are fewer concerns than those who have foregone sun protection. For all of us, it is important to not only do our best to correct summer damage, but to prepare for the stubborn cold the winter brings with it.

During the summer, even those who wear sunscreen may not be reapplying as often as needed and so a little freckling may occur. Some vessels may break and cause flushing, and skin can get dehydrated due to pools or even swimming at the lake. We know that the winter brings with it its own complications and it is easier to deal with winter skin if summer skin has been properly looked after.

Some options are BBL (broadband light) which is great for reducing freckling and sun damage. We can remove broken capillaries and stimulate collagen as well with the BBL. It is necessary to be sun/tan free for a month before starting treatment, but that only means being sure you are wearing your sun protection daily. Other lasers for treating sun damage include the Laser Genesis and the Excel V laser. Upon consultation and skin assessment, the proper machine for your individual concerns will be recommended.

If your skin is looking dull, chemical peels, silk peels and microdermabrasion are excellent options. Knowing your concerns and considering your lifestyle demands helps us to choose which of these treatments would best be suited for your skin. It is important to make sure the chosen treatment is well defined and explained to you, including how to prepare for the service and how to treat the skin right afterwards. We want to optimize the exfoliation process, leaving a smoother, happier skin. In doing so, it is important that any topical medications (e.g. acne, anti-aging) are paused for about 7 days prior to treatment.

In all cases, the continued use of sunscreens is mandatory. Protecting the skin is a full time job and should be adhered to year round. Home care may change according to the season and a visit to your medical esthetician will help to determine what moisturizers or boosters will help to get you through the fall and winter months with your skin healthy and intact.

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~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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