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Leading the way in patient care:

Toronto Dermatology Centre strives to be above the rest. We offer one-stop medical, surgical & cosmetic care for all of your skin care needs, as well as top of the line lasers, medical grade skin care and medical esthetics in a clean, caring environment.

Our dermatologists diagnose, recommend and prescribe, if necessary. Then the patient may be sent to the nurse, medical esthetician or plastic surgeon, if they are needed to complete the visit. If the patient has been sent to see one of the medical estheticians, it is our job to spend the time to explain their medications, necessary treatment and recommend proper protocol as per the dermatologist. In doing so, the patient is getting as much time at the clinic to fully understand what it is they have to deal with and what it will take to alleviate the problem. We work synergistically, like a well-oiled machine. We work together to provide the patient with a full understanding of what they have and are there to answer all of their questions. The medical estheticians and nurses are able to be there for the patients in person, and later, to answer any questions they might have via email or by phone as well as offering free follow up consultations as often and freely as they may feel necessary.

I have mentioned in previous blogs how honored I am to work at one of the largest, and probably the best dermatology clinic in Canada. Beyond our amazing dermatologists, who include our opinions and ideas in their everyday considerations, I love how our reception handles the constant flow of patients, directing them to the appropriate area of the clinic. I love how we are able to communicate internally with each other in a matter of minutes so that we are all on the same page with each patient. I love how we are able to collectively give our patients every option available to them, and value every person’s busy, busy day. From our dermatologists, to our nurses, incredible clinic manager, plastic surgeons, medical estheticians and front line, we are fully equipped to get our patients looked after quickly and efficiently. We are able to spend as much time with the patient as needed.

Welcome to the new way of thinking. Allow each of us to offer you what we have been trained to do. With all the knowledge shared with you by our various staff, you will be fully equipped and informed to deal with whatever problem is ailing you.

This is the future. It is amazing, fulfilling, and Toronto Dermatology Centre is leading the way.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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