Laser hair removal cost

“How much is laser hair removal?”– this is the most common question that we get at Toronto Dermatology Centre.

The price of laser hair removal depends on a variety of factors: the amount of hair you want to get rid of, which body part you are treating with the laser and the kind of laser used. The cost of laser hair removal can also be estimated by the amount of time a laser hair removal session takes.

The cost of laser treatment depends on the body part that needs laser hair removal – generally speaking, smaller treatment areas, such as face or underarms, cost less, while larger areas, such as back or legs, are more expensive.

The cost of laser hair removal may also depend on how responsive your hair is to laser hair removal and how of course how many laser hair removal treatments you will need.

Depending on the above factors, the cost of laser hair removal may vary greatly: each person is unique, and all patterns of hair growth are different – for some men, back hair may grow in thick patterns while for others back hair may grow in thin and rare patterns of light hair.

Although a popular misconception is that laser hair removal prices are high, in fact the typical cost of laser hair removal will be more affordable than other methods of hair removal. Not only will you ultimately save money with laser hair removal, even more importantly, you will have smooth skin at all times, no more ingrown hairs, and save lots of time and energy.

For more detailed information about laser hair removal cost, consult our Toronto dermatologists & medical estheticians at Toronto Dermatology Centre. Our skin care experts will examine your skin condition, hair type and extent, and then estimate laser hair removal cost.


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