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If you are looking for a clinic that offers professional laser hair removal services, Toronto Dermatology Centre is at your service. Our clinic provides professional and custom laser hair removal services to suit your requirements and budget.

We use cutting edge laser hair removal technologies that remove unwanted hair almost anywhere on the face or body. Our laser hair removal system uses a combination of heat and energy to destroy hair follicles without any harm to the skin, and with the least discomfort of any laser on the market. At Toronto Dermatology Centre, our highly trained staff have performed thousands of laser hair removal sessions in Toronto.

We use the best laser hair removal solutions – and we are leaders in our field. Our skilled dermatologists and medical estheticians and laser technicians ensure that our methods of laser hair removal meet the highest quality standards, and we are constantly evolving to meet our patient’s needs.

You can be confident that at our clinic, you’ll get the most efficient and safest laser hair removal, at the best possible value.

To find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about laser hair removal:

How long does a laser hair removal session last?

Human skin has millions of hair follicles, all of which are in different phases of growth. Laser hair removal can only remove those hair follicles that are in active phase of growth, that’s why treatments must be performed at varied intervals. Since each human is unique, your dermatologist or medical esthetician will develop a custom treatment plan tailored to your needs, but we typically recommend 6-8 treatments six to eight weeks apart. The length of a laser hair removal session depends on the treatment area, varying from 10 minutes for a small area, to 30min for a large area.

How should I prepare for my laser hair removal session?

Laser hair removal doesn’t require any complicated preparation. We ask our patients to shave the area to be treated the night before, stay away from the sun (don’t have a tan) and avoid using skincare products on the affected area for better results. You should not have waxed the affected area for 4-6 weeks before your laser hair removal session as the laser requires a hair follicle target to work.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Other hair removal methods

In comparison to other hair removal methods, laser hair removal is the most effective method that allows us to remove unwanted hair permanently. One of the key advantages of laser hair removal is that it’s faster than other methods and provides a much longer lasting result. Furthermore, laser hair removal is hypoallergenic in comparison to chemical hair removal methods, and causes less pain and discomfort than waxing, and ultimately prevents ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is ideal for darker hair.

A popular misconception is that laser hair removal is too expensive, although the cost of laser hair removal is much cheaper than other hair removal techniques in the long run.

To find out other benefits of laser hair removal, speak to our dermatologists or medical estheticians.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of laser hair removal sessions varies based on various factors such as skin type, hair colour, density and texture. Typically, the average number of treatments is 6-8, although some people are sufficiently happy after 4 treatments. A 6-8 weeks interval is required before any additional treatment is performed, because hair grows in various stages. After 4-6 treatments are performed, the area will be free from hair. Some patients benefit from an annual touch-up treatment to maintain their great treatment response.

Does laser hair removal treatment hurt?

Laser hair removal is much more comfortable in comparison to other hair removal methods. At Toronto Dermatology Centre our laser machines delivery minimal discomfort and we always do our best to help patients feel comofrtable during their treatments. 

Our state of the art hair removal technology makes laser hair removal comfortable even in such sensitive areas as the face and groin.

Laser hair removal has no downtime and you can return to your activities immediately after treatment.


Benefits of laser hair removal at our clinic:

  • qualified and experienced dermatologists and estheticians;
  • comfortable environment;
  • affordable, high quality laser treatments;
  • state-of-the-art laser equipment.

Laser hair removal at our Toronto Dermatology Centre is performed by qualified and experienced medical estheticians who receive ongoing education & training to be at the cutting edge of medical esthetics and laser hair removal. For laser hair removal in Toronto, trust Toronto Dermatology Centre – the best trained, the best experienced, and the best equipment. Call 416-633-0001 or email us today to find out if laser hair removal is a good choice for you. Toronto Dermatology Centre is located in Toronto, Ontario, and serves men and women in North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, York, Aurora, Thornhill, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton, Etobicoke, Pickering, Peterborough, Guelph, Kitchener, Oakville, Barrie and all of Greater Toronto (GTA).

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