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Impressive New Laser for Whatever Ails You

In the medical esthetics world, the BBL, also known as IPL, photo facial or photo rejuvenation, has been the gold standard since day one. Due to its unique delivery system, it is able to tackle hyperpigmentation (brown marks) and broken capillaries (red vessels) all in the same treatment. It is easy to stop there, as most clinics do. Good results are what we are aiming for, right? 

But……what if there was something else out there that could tackle all the same concerns, even more maybe, and in the end give GREAT results? Lately I just can’t stop talking about our spectacular addition to the clinic. The Cutera Excel V is cutting edge, versatile, and able to bridge the gap between good and great. This medical grade laser is a cut above the rest.

The Cutera Excel V houses two lasers: a 532 nm wavelength KTP Laser and a 1064nm NdYag laser. Switching back and forth is as simple as touching a button and allows the technician to treat each vessel individually with more strength than the BBL could ever possibly put out. With pre-set starting points for rosacea, veins(both face and body), diffuse reds, Poikiloderma (blotchy sun-damaged necks), pigment, red scars and angiomas for example, we can now treat each vessel or lesion with accurate precision and safety.

The ability to combine our Sciton BBL device with the Excel V lasers gives us the most advanced technology for improving the skin in the way most appropriate for each individual. For example, I may choose to treat flushed red skin with 2-4 sessions with the BBL to clear the overall pink undertones. Perhaps there are visible vessels around the nose, upper cheeks and chin that are too stubborn to yield the effects of the energy from the BBL. I can then transfer the patient to the Excel V for 1-2 sessions to clear the remaining vessels that in the past were unable to completely coagulate and disperse. Now the patient is not just satisfied, he or she is elated with their result. We have gone from good to great.

When it comes to treating veins on the legs, the best treatment for most types of leg veins is still sclerotherapy; a fine needle with a saline-sugar solution is placed into the vein causing it to collapse. However, some veins are just too small to get the needle in, the treatment can be painful and bruising is expected. With the laser, we can treat the smallest of vessels along with larger blue or purple veins as well. Bruising is minimal or non- existent, and discomfort depends on the size of the vessel and area being treated.

Port wine stains were not an issue we attempted to treat with the BBL but the Excel V has a specific setting geared specifically for them. We can treat warts and even toenail or fingernail fungus now. Ok, that may not sound fun, but I am so excited to be able to diversify my abilities. The more options we have, the more individuals we can help. How awesome is that?

No matter what your concern is, if you don’t call us, come in for a complimentary consult, and see what we have to offer, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to finally get rid of whatever pesky lesion, vessel or skin condition that has been keeping you from the perfect look you have always wanted. Check us out at Toronto Dermatology Centre to see how we can help you.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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