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Get your skin ready for the holiday parties!

Tis the Season to celebrate. Whether it is a holiday party, staff dinner or New Year’s Eve shindig, this is the time to be putting our best face forward. After a facial or any treatment to give our skin that healthy holiday glow, it is a shame to cover it up with pore-clogging make up. Well it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Working in a dermatology practice, I assist patients with various skin issues, from rosacea and acne to problems with uneven pigmentation. Many of these patients have experienced challenges with traditional makeup. The problem: Aesthetically, makeup helps to cover skin imperfections, but it can clog pores and make many skin conditions worse. Mineral makeup offers a solution. Since these formulas are composed of inorganic minerals and are also oil-free, they do not support the growth of bacteria—making mineral makeup especially beneficial for patients with acne-prone skin. And because they don’t contain perfumes or chemical dyes that may cause allergies, mineral makeup is perfect for sensitive skin types.

The main ingredients in mineral makeup are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—both physical sunscreens that provide broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. Zinc is also an antioxidant and plays an important role in protecting the skin against free radical damage. Titanium dioxide has an extremely high light refraction index. This light-refractive effect helps to diffuse the appearance of skin imperfections and gives the skin a luminous look. Mineral makeup creates the most natural finish;it is weightless and practically invisible, provides long-lasting coverage, and leaves the skin with an even, smooth appearance. New Beauty magazine has called mineral makeup “makeup with meaning,” and I couldn’t agree more. With its numerous skin benefits, mineral makeup can be considered an extension of skin care. Buyer beware though, I found out this past summer that not all mineral wear is 100% pure. In stores, mineral wear only needs to be 1% minerals to be allowed to call itself mineral makeup. Stick with medical grade products such as Jane Iredale 100% Pure Mineral Makeup to know you are wearing the real deal.

Make this season just a little more beautiful, and a lot healthier for your skin. Come in and get “fitted” for the right mineral wear makeup to suit your colour and feel proud to know you are extending your medical grade home care with 100% natural makeup.

~ Sheri, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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