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Effects of weight and obesity on Psoriasis:

Dr. Anatoli Freiman and Dr. Benjamin Barankin both attended a scientific psoriasis evening where weight and obesity were discussed as they relate to psoriasis. The highlights and summary are:

1. The risk factors for a psoriasis patient developing psoriatic arthritis are the presence of: obesity, scalp involvement, and involvement of the perianal region
2. Obesity is linked with psoriasis in children and in adults with the late-onset form of psoriasis (e.g. 55-65yo)
3. Obesity impairs the effectiveness of treatments and is associated with increased liver and renal toxicity in patients on methotrexate and cyclosporine respectively.
4. Psoriasis can improve after obese patients have bariatric surgery
5. Fat is not static. It promotes inflammation!

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