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COVID precautions at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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We have a very busy clinic (multiple dermatologists and a plastic surgeon all working on 2 floors spread over 13,000 square feet) and we get a lot of phone calls. One recurring query has me wondering what is going in this industry, especially in Toronto. Every step of the way along this confusing and yet somewhat defined protocol for COVID, Toronto Dermatology Centre has adhered to the standards and regulations set forth by our governing parties (and additional precautions to protect you and our staff as well).

We have had to call and unfortunately cancel some services during different phases since returning to work at the end of May. And, like any other business in the city, or in the world for that matter, turning away business hurts. However, with that said, there is a reason these regulations have been put in place, and it is for the safety of our patients and our staff, for their friends and family and to continue to help stop the spread of this unrelenting virus.

So when I hear patients getting upset with us and telling us that other clinics are still doing the treatments that have specifically been added to the restricted list, it makes me wonder where their priorities are at.  Is it worth it to book a patient for a treatment that has been restricted and possibly take the chance of spreading a virus? If that does happen, not only are they now adding to the problem, but that clinic will then have to close down for 2 weeks. The patient won’t be aware immediately that they have been infected, and the vicious cycle continues.

So, when I hear this, instead of getting upset or mad, I simply tell the patient to consider whether or not they want to hand over their face (or body) to a clinic that ignores health standards in order to make a few bucks. Do they have your best interest at heart? Do they have the health of their staff as a main priority? Have they even been following what is going on in the city? The province? If a clinic or medispa chooses to ignore the standards set to keep us safe, are you willing to have a treatment performed at that clinic, wondering what other protocols are not being adhered to?

Update:  When I started this blog, it was before the Toronto/ Peel region modified lockdown.  Now that our circumstances are more restricted, it is imperative that all clinics adhere to their local and provincial rules and regulations. At Toronto Dermatology Centre, our dermatologists, the only true skin experts, are considered essential. Medispas, unfortunately, at this time may have to close down temporarily and some will close permanently as this longer than expected situation continues. Thankfully, we can guarantee that we will not be going out of business. We have spent the past few days calling and cancelling some further services, but still have the right to treat some patients under stricter guidelines. We are also here to consult medical patients who have been here to see one of the dermatologists on the medical side of the clinic, and to help patients with products and potential services in the future.

We will continue to serve our patients in the safest, most effective ways throughout this unusual time. But, we will always choose the safety of our patients, our staff, and our families first. Please do the same for you and yours and always choose wisely.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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