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Chemical Peels at Toronto Dermatology Centre

There are a lot of misconceptions about chemical peels; some are enough to scare patients away from what could potentially be the best treatment choice for their skin. Sure there are a lot of treatments that will heal different types of damaged skin, but peels, well medical grade peels to be exact, have the ability to treat several different concerns all at the same time. And at the same time, doing peels on a monthly basis conditions the skin to peek performance continuously.

Most of us remember that iconic scene way back about 10 years ago on Sex And The City where Samantha got talked into a chemical peel right before a big event she had to attend. She emerged from the clinic with skin that looked like she had been stranded on the Blue Lagoon for a week without sunscreen. It was pretty scary to see, and a lot of watchers took it to be the real thing. To this day when patients come in they bring up that scene and beg me not to do that to them! 

Although a patient may or may not get pinkish during the treatment, by later that day or next morning, the skin is healthy and glowing. Our Mesoesthetic brand of peels is both aggressive enough for WOW results, and controlled for quick recovery. Your medical esthetician can neutralize the peel at any time so as not to create any unnecessary discomfort. Although the skin may heat up during the application, by neutralizing the peel, the heat will dissipate within 30-60 seconds with little to no residual heat post treatment.

Another misconception is that in order to have a great treatment the skin has to peel. Although there is a distinct mental satisfaction when we do peel, it is not necessary to do so. There are two words here: chemical and peel. While it is probably a little better to peel if we are treating for scars or certain acne conditions, some peels will rely on the chemical part of the peel to simply fade pigment (e.g. in melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) or break up oils in the skin without the need to peel.

Hydration post treatment and proper use of sunscreen is an absolute must. If these protocols are not adhered to there is a greater chance of side effects. Chemical peels can be done all year long and as often as every 2-4 weeks, depending on the condition that is being treated. For maintenance, they can be done at least once per season.

Although at Toronto Dermatology Centre (TDC) we use the full range of peels offered by Mesoesthetic, my personal favorite is the TCA peel. This MD only peel solution is recommended for medium to deep wrinkles, moderate to severe photo damage, actinic keratoses, and mild to moderate acne. Partial to total resurfacing may be achieved depending on layers and time left on the tissue. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Imagine treating so many concerns all at the same time. Sure enough with the TCA peel, being one of the stronger ones, there is a greater chance of peeling. For me it lasted about 2 days, and I still went to work without makeup on!

Pre and post information is always given at TDC and results are what we want for you. Peels take as little as half an hour and the results can’t be beat. So, come in for a peel or at least come in for a consult. Ask all of your questions and put your fears to rest. Once you see the results, you will be addicted. I know I am!

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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