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Careful with group buying websites

We have been seeing a tremendous increase in patients complaining about the services they’ve purchased on group buying websites. There are 3 clusters of complaints. The most common is that they buy a package, and after the first or second treatment, the business has gone under, and the door is closed when they arrive for their next treatment. The next thing we’re seeing is complications from lasers and light devices that are used for laser hair removal. Unfortunately the laser industry in Canada is unregulated, and so almost anyone can fire off a laser which can have serious consequences if the person is undertrained or mistrained, or using the wrong equipment, or doesn’t truly understand the skin. 
To be safe, you should ensure that your laser treatments take place at a medical facility which has a physician, ideally a dermatologist (expert in the skin, hair & nails), on site and overseeing the laser treatments and patients. We have also observed patients receiving things like Botox and fillers (e.g. Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse etc) from underqualified nurses and physicians with no specialized training and we are left trying to fix the mess. Again, we’re talking about your health, well-being and beauty, so make sure you trust someone with extensive medical training who understands anatomy, beauty and symmetry, and all the aspects of skin aging and sun damage. Research your clinic and your physician – e.g. check or to ensure that the physician injecting you is a highly trained skin specialist (e.g. dermatologist). While we try and fix the mistakes like laser burns/scars and lumpy filler injections of others, there are some things that unfortunately cannot be fixed and patients are being left out of luck because these “clinics” can’t help them when they’re most in need. 
We drive over bridges built by highly trained and experienced engineers and construction teams, yet when it comes to our health and beauty, many are willing to risk everything to seemingly save a few dollars (rarely the case) or are taken in by ridiculous marketing offers (infinite laser treatments for $99) from under- or untrained non-professionals; as you know, buyer beware (caveat emptor)….mom was definitely correct – if its too good to be true, it probably is.

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