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Is Botox worth it for men?   – Men’s Journal

Is Botox worth it for men? – Men’s Journal

“My wife suggested I get Botox for my worry lines. Do men do that?”

Absolutely. The reason it has taken longer to catch on with men is, in part, biological. We age differently from women. Our skin is thicker and better nourished because we have more blood flow to support facial hair. And shaving acts like an exfoliant, removing dead skin with the stubble. So men rarely get fine wrinkles and largely—we don’t care. Smile lines lend character. But we also get horizontal forehead lines that look like accordion pleats. Frowning, squinting, and generally strong expressions give rise to deep vertical glabellar lines between the eyebrows, called the “elevens.” Men seem far more prone to both types of forehead lines, and they are not a good look.

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