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Body Acne: Causes & Treatments – Acne & Rosacea Society of Canada

Body acne affects up to 50% of people with acne. Dr. Catherine Zip, a Calgary dermatologist and spokesperson for the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada, helps us understand what body acne is, the causes and treatments.

Hazy days of summer…

As temperatures climb and we dig through our closets in search of tank tops and swimwear, we may be reminded of the red bumps on our chest and back – body acne. Although acne most commonly involves the face, in up to 50% of acne sufferers, it also involves the body.

What is body acne and where does it appear?

Body acne, also dubbed “bacne”, is simply acne that is located on the body, including the chest, back, shoulders and, less commonly, the upper arms.

Why do people get body acne?

The development of body acne is felt to be the same as that of facial acne. Blocked oil glands in the skin, oil production, bacteria, hormones, genetics and inflammation all contribute to the development of acne.

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