Milia cysts
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Milia cysts

Milia are small whitish-yellow cysts containing keratin. Milia are benign tiny bumps found just under the skin, almost like a deep whitehead. Unlike a whitehead, milia are very difficult to remove by yourself and attempts at self-removal can often lead to permanent scars.

Milia cyst on the face.

Milia can be found in all age groups, and both sexes. Milia occur predominantly on the face, especially on the cheeks and around the eyes.

In most cases, milia are diagnosed by a dermatologist based on their clinical (visual) features. Rarely a biopsy is needed for confirmation. Milia are treated because they are a cosmetic nuisance for some patients. Occasionally, they may clear up on their own after many months.

If there are many tiny milia, it is worth trying a topical retinoid (vitamin A) cream or considering chemical peels or microdermabrasion. For larger milia or when just a few are present, electrocautery or physical extractions are performed.

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Milia cyst around the eyes.

Milia cyst under the eyes.

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