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What its really like to have rosacea – SELF

What its really like to have rosacea – SELF

Most of us assume that, if we ever dealt with skin-care problems, we’d leave them behind in our teen years (along with our questionable hairstyle choices). Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. And sometimes the skin issues we develop when we’re older can be a lot more confusing and challenging to deal with than the occasional zit.

For instance, at 28, I had what I thought was stubborn acne for a few years. I went all out in the drugstore aisle with harsh, drying products that ended up doing more harm than good. So when I was finally diagnosed with rosacea this past December, I was actually relieved. I assumed that having an answer would make it easier to treat.

Oh, how naive!

My dermatologist prescribed a cream, but my insurance didn’t cover it—and it cost way more than I had been planning to spend. Frustrated and disappointed, I turned to the internet for other ways of managing it. And the more I looked, the more I realized how common my experience is.

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