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What Bob Griese has to do with skin cancer

Bob GrieseIf you happen to be covered with skin, you may want to listen to what Hall of Fame quarterback Bob Griese has to say. If you aren’t covered with skin, then you may want to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Throughout his career, Griese has done a lot of uncommon things. He had a very uncommon career as a football player. Dubbed the “Thinking Man’s Quarterback,” Griese led the Miami Dolphins to three consecutive Super Bowls, two consecutive Super Bowl titles, and still the only undefeated season in the Super Bowl era in 1972. But nothing says “Thinking Man” quite like perhaps his most impressive achievement: being the first and only person to ever throw six touchdowns on a Thanksgiving Day NFL game while wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

After retiring from the gridiron, Griese also had a very uncommon career as a college football broadcaster. For over a decade (from 1987 to 1999), Griese and Keith Jackson were ABC’s top college football broadcasting tandem. “Whoa, Nellie,” that was a long run for Griese as a staple of college football Saturdays.

However, there’s nothing very uncommon about the type of cancer Griese had. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States with one in five Americans developing it sometime in their lifetimes.

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Article by Bruce Y. Lee,

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