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Treating the Skin: What’s Holding You Back?

What are the main reasons most people choose not to invest in the future of their skin? Why take the time to schedule a consult with a medical esthetician or dermatologist only to turn around and forget about it, never seeing the necessary treatment through to fruition?
There are many concerns that may impede the patient from making the decision to begin a course of treatments that can better the health of their skin and/or reduce the speed of aging skin.

Downtime: when a patient is told they may experience a few days of downtime, they cannot fathom putting their life on hold. Downtime doesn’t necessarily mean the patient is out of commission. It means there may be a pink hue or there may be some peeling or they may have to avoid the sun for a suggested amount of time. It may take years to develop lines, wrinkles, sun damage or acne scars. A few days of downtime, if results are optimal, are inarguably well worth the inconvenience. There are ways to work around this, including having your treatment on a Friday so you can recover over the weekend.

Cost: perhaps for some people, the main concern to choose not to treat. People are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes or purse that will soon be out of style, but balk at the thought of investing into their own face. Others slowly spend $5 per day on Lattes (which adds up!) or cigarettes, but can’t fathom cutting back on their caffeine fix. As I always say, it is the only face you have, it is the first thing people see and judge you on, and it is the first thing you see every day. If there is a chance to improve your skin, prolong the inevitable aging process, isn’t it worthwhile?

Fear: of pain or of bad results. With some treatments there is some discomfort, however we do all that is possible to make the patient as comfortable as possible during every treatment. It is our goal for the patient to return to complete any series of treatments that will give them the best outcome. In doing so, options such as numbing cream, oral medication or cooling devices aid in reducing any discomfort.  Our clinic has been built on achieving excellent results for our patients, realizing that each patient is unique and deserves the very best we have to offer.

Look unnatural: even when introduced to Botox or fillers, our goal is simply to help return you to your better self. Our goal is not to make a patient look like someone else or a plastic version of themselves. When a patient enters a cosmetic clinic, they should look around at the staff. Our staff have beautiful skin, look their age or younger, but do not look unnatural in any way. It is a reflection on how we choose to treat our patients. There is a definite comfort level for my patients when they see my skin without makeup. They often say they are surprised at my age, and yet I look the way I always have. I am simply aging slower than many because I use excellent home care products (medical grade!) and occasionally have treatments done to slow down the aging process.

What will others think? Some of us think “who cares? I look great.” but vanity is a vicious creature. We can have a hard time admitting that we may need a little help looking the way we want to be seen by others. We want to be thought of as naturally this fabulous. I think that thought process is out of date. Today people are not only aware of all the wonderful services available to help us, but are probably curious enough to try it themselves. And if you are still thinking that you don’t want others to know, then don’t tell them!

Don’t believe we will give them the benefits that they want: it is hard to believe that we can reduce acne scars, rosacea or wrinkles. But lasers, chemical peels and skin tightening devices have been around for quite some time. This is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason: these treatments work. Certainly each patient will achieve different degrees of improvement, but they do improve. The improvement depends upon the patient. If they do the proper pre, during, and post home care as well as the suggested treatment or treatments for their particular concern, they will see the difference. Expectations need to be realistic, but we are upfront during the consultation, and do not over promise.

This is your face, your body, the only one you will have. If you have something you would like to improve upon, don’t let fear hold you back. Don’t have regrets, live the life you want with your best face forward.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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