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Skin tags are safe and easy to remove

Did you know that skin tags (medical term “acrochordon“; some people call them papillomas) are benign skin growths most commonly found on the neck, armpits and groin. They can be tiny in size, or in some cases can be quite large (especially in the groin for whatever reason). The reasons people develop skin tags include: getting older, gaining weight, becoming pregnant, and genetics. Diabetic patients are particularly prone to skin tags. Some people have debated whether friction (e.g. from a necklace or collar) could be a trigger for developing skin tags, but the jury is undecided on this. You’re best off to see a dermatologist to make sure your skin tags and/or other various growths are benign, and to discuss the best treatment options. The best treatment options include careful excision for larger skin tags, and electrocautery for small skin tags. Liquid nitrogen is commonly used for other skin growths like warts, but seldom used for skin tags because it is not very precise and can cause scarring ; this is why over the counter skin tag remedies are not recommended as we have observed significant scarring and skin discolouration, with minimal benefit.

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