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Rosacea Update:

Rosacea is a common condition (affects 2 million Canadians) that causes redness, burst blood vessels (telangiectasia), easy flushing, sensitive skin and sometimes pimples on the face. It is often referred to as “adult acne” and may last for years, worsening without treatment. About 50% of people with rosacea have or will develop eye involvement (ocular rosacea), so if you get frequent styes, or have dry gritty eyes, or often have redness in your eyes, mention this to your doctor. The psychosocial impact of rosacea is significant.

New and effective therapies have become available for rosacea in the past two years: e.g. Onreltea gel (applied in the morning; used for redness/flushing), Rosiver cream (terrific for the pimples & pustules of rosacea) and Apprilon pill (effective for the pimples & pustules of rosacea and for ocular rosacea). Laser therapies can also successfully treat persistent face redness and blood vessels, and we offer medical grade lasers such as BBL and Excel-V to manage your rosacea.  We also offer excellent medical grade skin care and makeup specifically for patients with this condition. The key to successful management of rosacea is early diagnosis and treatment, and minimizing triggers which cause flare-ups of rosacea.  Minimizing stress and alcohol consumption, caffeine, sun exposure and windburn, extremes of heat, avoiding hot & spicy foods and hot beverages all play an important role in managing your condition.

Toronto Dermatology Centre runs a rosacea specialty clinic and has extensive expertise treating this condition. Our clinic has been involved in clinical trials on such agents as Rosiver to bring the best new treatments for this condition. A referral from a family physician is required to be seen by our specialists. Click here to read more about rosacea.

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