Tips to clear up acne and angst

Waking up with a fresh pimple on photo day may be every 14-year-old’s greatest nightmare, but for teens and tweens struggling with acne day in and day out, the condition can be devastating. According to the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada, acne can result in significant emotional distress ranging from bad moods and embarrassment to shame, anxiety and even depression. Thankfully, there are a number of strategies to help teens manage these pesky breakouts that can wreak havoc on one’s social life, or worse – self-esteem.

“Eating more vegetarian meals is good for the body and skin,” explains Dr. Barankin, dermatologist and medical director at Toronto Dermatology Centre. “You also may consider eating smaller portions every two or three hours to keep your sugar and insulin at healthier levels.” Furthermore, he recommends taking stock of the amount of dairy in one’s diet. Skim milk, in particular, can exacerbate acne in some people. Barankin recommends eliminating milk for six months to see if it improves the skin’s condition. Continue to read more here.


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