3 Ways To Save Your Skin After Too Much Sun Exposure

Relaxed woman on the beach applying sun cream on her shoulder

“Any tan is a bad tan. Sun-kissed skin sounds healthy, but it’s not. The colour change comes from our melanin reacting to UV rays while trying to protect our skin cells from damage. No one is immune to this process. According to research from the Olay Multi-Decade and Ethnicity study, while darker-skinned people have more natural protection from the sun, they will still acquire sun damage without sunscreen protection.

The Fix: Dr. Barankin recommends skincare ingredients like retinol, hydroquinone, azelaic acid, vitamin C and AHAs to fix pigmentation issues. Vitamin C works to interrupt melanogenesis (the process of cells producing melanin), inhibiting a key enzyme in the process, while the potent ingredient hydroquinone works in much the same way but can prevent melanin production altogether in certain concentrations. Rice bran and mulberry extract are potent natural pigment erasers.”

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