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Mole removal and mole examination at Toronto Dermatology Centre

Moles (medical term “nevi”) are growths or collections of melanocytes that commonly occur and are usually brown or flesh-coloured and can be flat or elevated. We can be born with moles (“congenital moles” or “birthmark moles”), and we can develop moles (“acquired moles”) as we get older.

We acquire our moles because of our genetics, and through sun exposure or tanning salon use. Pregnancy can cause moles to get bigger and darker as well. A mole removal can be safely performed at our Toronto dermatology clinic using a variety of techniques, depending on the size and location of your mole.

If you notice a change in a mole or if a mole looks unusual (e.g. not symmetric, irregular borders, very dark colour or multiple colours, or > 6mm in size), it could be dangerous (e.g. melanoma) and it must be examined and/or tested (sent for a “biopsy”). Having your mole removed at a salon or spa, or trying to remove it at home is a big mistake and we have seen many disfiguring (e.g. scarring) and even worse outcomes (e.g. infections, missed skin cancers) as a result.

For the best results and safety in mole removal, contact Toronto Dermatology Centre by phone (416-633-0001 ext. 3) or email:

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