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It’s all in the Eyes

In The Time of Covid, which I am sure will be the name of a famous book someday, wearing a mask has become the “new normal”. I have to say that I hate that term, because there is nothing normal about it…but I digress. Back on topic, while I have always been one to take on beauty and skin health as a whole, it seems the face has finally been divided.
Many months ago I wrote a blog about dealing with face masks and the havoc they cause on the skin. Today I am going to focus on the good. There is nothing quite as dominant now for a focal point as the eyes are. We can’t give a sly smile, a knowing grin or a disappointed grimace in the same way we used to. When we see each other now, we must limit (or exaggerate?) our facial expressions through the eyes.

Eye concerns come in many forms, and for each concern, there is usually a way to correct or improve upon it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.
Fine lines and wrinkles – this one is probably the most common concern and there are different types of lines and wrinkles. For Crow’s feet or a dropped eyebrow, or treating crepey lines under the eyes, Botox is really the only way to go. Why? Because those wrinkles are actually expression lines that have developed over the years from us squinting or making faces. Botox can relax the muscles and not only create a smooth, youthful look now, but with prolonged use, can delay the effects of aging in the treated areas too. Botox typically lasts 4 months or so. For fine lines, both home care products with either Retinol or Growth Factors or services like microneedling or Profractional laser can create new collagen and therefore fill volume.

Dark circles – can be divided into pigment in the skin or vascularity (usually blue or purple veins near the eyes) that can be easily removed through laser. Pigment is often associated with sun damage, from chronic rubbing (e.g. those with eczema or allergies), but can also be caused by products that are too harsh or irritating as well. Chemical peels specifically made for the eyes (a series of 5, done 2 weeks apart) will relieve darkness and also provide anti-aging benefits. For vascularity, the Excel-V laser, and usually only 1-2 treatments will give immediate results, no real downtime and is a very quick procedure. A quick assessment with your dermatologist or medical esthetician will determine whether you have a pigment or vascularity concern.

Volume loss – the area under the eyes are called the tear troughs. There are many reasons why we have volume loss, which can create a sunken or tired look and it can also enhance darkness by creating shadows under the eyes. Most commonly, as we age, and especially for women, we lose estrogen. Since estrogen helps to keep the fat on our face, losing one leads to losing the other as well, creating a “trough”. Volume loss can also be genetic and happen at younger ages in some people. Puffiness, eye bags and an overall tired look can be present as well. In most cases, fillers will do the trick, and do it quickly. There are specific hyaluronic acid fillers that are made for the thin skin around the eyes and our Dermatologists are experienced in creating a safe, natural look for the patient. The best news is that it not only adds volume, but in the process, may reduce the shadow-darkness of that area. Fillers in the tear trough can last 12-24 months, sometimes even longer.

Lashes – let’s not forget the frames for the eyes. Besides brows (we also do microblading, by the way), Allergan has created a product that is easily applied at home causing your own lashes (not artificial, no glues) to grow longer and thicker and even darker. I have tried multiple medical grade lash enhancers and there is no comparison. As long as you are using the product, the lashes will continue to stay long and full, and it is so much easier and so much less expensive than false lashes. And bonus: you can actually tell people that those gorgeous lashes are your very own!!
Well, I am sure there are some other eye concerns that can be addressed, but I think we have all the main ones covered. So, whatever your concern, there is a very good chance Toronto Dermatology Centre has the answer for you.

It may be a while before our lips see the light of day, but for now, let’s celebrate those gorgeous eyes in all of their glory! Book your free consult today.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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