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I started treatments for my condition before the lockdown, what now????

There has been some confusion over whether or not interruption of treatment services will affect your overall outcome and reduce results. So, let’s go over different services that you may have been in the midst of having done when the COVID 19 pandemic forced the clinic to temporarily close down and what effect it may have on your eventual outcome.

If you have been doing laser hair removal, the good news is that, although it may take a little longer for the final result, it is only because you weren’t able to get 1-2 treatments in during lockdown. There is absolutely no interference by delaying your treatments. When the energy from the laser is absorbed into the hair follicle, it will either destroy the root right then and there, or it won’t. Delaying the next appointment won’t make new hairs grow and won’t make destroyed roots suddenly appear. So, for laser hair removal, there is nothing to be concerned with and you can start up again once our clinic has the green light to begin services again.

If you have been treating your skin with the BBL/IPL (photorejuvenation) or laser for pigment or brown spots, or doing chemical peels for the same, again, each treatment presents its own results. Additional treatments improve results, but there is no timeline as to when they need to be done. Some people with minimal sun damage may only come in 1-2 times per year and still get fantastic results.

When treating for anti-aging or scar reduction, again each treatment and its results is independent. For example, if you are doing PRP with microneedling or Profractional laser resurfacing treatments, each treatment creates a controlled damage to the cells which in turn, helps to repair damaged skin and stimulate collagen. Sure, the end results take a little longer, but only because it will take longer to get your full number of treatments done.

So, now to the trickier treatments with a little more emphasis on timelines. When we are dealing with vascularity (redness) it can depend on the actual treatment and the severity of the condition. Ideally, when I am treating someone with rosacea, I do like to treat about a month apart. Each treatment will help to coagulate the vessel and will produce results. However, I do find that treating closer together will speed up the end result. Some vessels will disappear within a month after the treatment, but some haven’t coagulated completely, & some not at all. Those that haven’t coagulated at all, well they can be treated anytime. But some vessels will disappear if treated closer together. Does this mean that if you have had 2-3 treatment sessions and then haven’t been able to treat for the past three months that you have wasted your money?  Definitely not. Collagen has been produced, vessels have disappeared. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but the results from each treatment will still count towards the final goal.

ly, I will discuss simpler treatments like facials and silk peel microdermabrasion. These treatments are great for the skin and could be done as often as once a month if the patient feels inclined to do so. Like making a bed every day or eating breakfast, ongoing treatments are ideal for almost every skin type. But can we tolerate going without?? Well, like me missing my weekly HIIT classes, I have found alternatives. I work out at home and do my best in the meantime. I can’t wait to get back and do it properly, but for now I am keeping up appearances. That applies to these treatments too. I have previously posted options for do it yourself facials and exfoliation at home. Providing you are using good home care and not overdoing it, you will be fine until we are back up and providing full services again.

So, there you have it. In most cases, a break in the routine won’t have any long-term effect on the final results. We may have ideal timelines that we prefer (largely to get treatments and results completed faster), but each treatment performed on you gives results that won’t be reversed because you haven’t been able to get in.

Please feel free to call us or email us with any questions. We are slowly in the process of reopening the clinic now, and although not able to perform all services yet, we are here & more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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