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Benefits of Long Term IPL/BBL/Lasers for keeping the Skin Youthful

the surgeon beautician removes pigmentation and vascular nets on the skin of the patient-a beautiful young woman neodymium laser. Laser cosmetology

Studies have been done to evaluate whether the skin will look better as it ages with a minimum of 8 yearly treatments with broadband light (BBL). With the help of Dr. Ping Chen, Dr. Michael Gold took the data a step further and conducted a study with 2,500 patients who had at least 3 or more BBL treatments every year for at least 10-15 years. The results were outstanding.

Recurrent BBL rejuvenation is real. If you do this over the long-term, it makes your skin look younger. It’s proven and something you should consider. A lot of us will do BBL for two or three treatments and then we’re finished. However, we have data now showing changes that actually make the skin look younger with repeated treatments over years.

I went to a seminar several years back and experienced something very similar to what Dr. Gold has stated. The doctor leading the seminar was from Florida and 10 years earlier he had taken numerous patients from all age groups living in Florida and had their skin assessed for the actual age of the skin (chronological) versus the age the skin appeared (biological). For example, a 30 year old living in Florida may have their skin age more quickly due to the sun, so may have a biological skin age of 37 years. During the 10 years each patient had BBL performed on their skin anywhere form 2-6 times per year. At the end of the study, every patient either had a biological age matching or younger than their chronological age! The doctor conducting the study had a slide show of his patients and it was amazing to see the progression of the health of the skin over a period of time where most people would find their skin aging over that same period of time.

BBL is not the only light-activated machine that stimulates collagen and helps to reverse the signs of aging skin. Most cosmetic lasers, especially medical-grade lasers, will have long term effectiveness in combatting or slowing down the aging process. The specific heat, according to the wavelengths involved, help to activate and repair damaged skin cells and tighten the skin.

As we age, so many exterior and interior factors break down our skin. From environmental (the sun, pollution) to lifestyle (drinking, smoking), our skin cell making capacity can’t keep up with the speed at which they are being depleted. Good home care, proper protection, preferably all at a medical grade level, and treatments such as BBL, Laser Genesis, Profractional Laser and other light devices repair and slow down the aging process. There are no prescriptions or even home care that can create collagen the way the lasers do, and with the advancement of today’s lasers, down time is a thing of the past.

Don’t just treat for what you can see in the mirror now. Prevent, repair and only look as old as you feel!!

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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