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Ask the Expert: Is It Normal to Get New Moles in Your 30s?

 mole on shoulder

Moles can develop at any age. However, it is more common to develop moles as a child. If you notice a new mole as an adult, you should get it examined by a dermatologist to rule out melanoma.

Being out in the sun can increase the number of moles that arise, especially on sun-exposed skin. We also know that a large number of moles (more than 50) can increase the risk of melanoma. Therefore, it’s important to wear sunscreen daily (and reapply as directed), wear sun-protective clothing and try to avoid sun exposure between the peak hours of 10 AM and 4 PM. And, of course, if any moles change size, shape, color or start to bleed, see a dermatologist immediately — regardless of how long you’ve had that mole.

Credit: Sun & Skin News from The Skin Cancer Foundation

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