Warts, corns and calluses treated quickly and effectively at Toronto Dermatology Centre - Toronto Dermatology Centre
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Warts, corns and calluses treated quickly and effectively at Toronto Dermatology Centre

Did you know that the treatment of plantar warts (bottom of foot) and genital warts are covered by OHIP, and the management of corns and calluses as well? We have seen countless patients that had been paying significant sums of money out of pocket for chiropodist or podiatrist treatment of these lesions, which OHIP pays for (free) when performed at a physician’s office. Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) of which there are over 100 viral strains that have been identified. Warts can be on the bottom of feet (plantar), on the hands and elbows and knees (common warts), or even on the face (flat warts). Warts are contagious by touch/contact, and can be transferred to oneself and to others. Many warts can go away on their own with time, but unfortunately others will hang around. Plantar warts are particularly stubborn to treat because with each step you take, they burrow in deeper into your skin making treatments less effective. The sooner you treat a wart, the more likely it is to respond quickly and with fewer treatments. Various treatment options exist, including liquid nitrogen, bleomycin injections, home acid applications (over the counter and stronger ones by prescription). Corns and calluses are a function of putting pressure on the foot where you shouldn’t be. The skin will thicken to protect itself and you develop a callus. A callus that burrows deep into the skin is a corn, and this can be tender, and needs to be dug out. Orthotics or changing footwear can be quite helpful in preventing these, as can using a moisturizing cream that has a high concentration of urea.

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