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Toronto Dermatology Centre attends first-ever “Skin Matters” conference in Toronto

Skin Matters Conference

On October 12-14, 2012, doctors and patients from across North America will gather in Toronto for a one-of-a-kind meeting called “Skin Matters.”

The first ever Canadian Skin Patient Alliance Conference will let patients with psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and other skin conditions meet with world renowned physicians and researchers, to learn about the latest treatments in the field of dermatology….

Among those attending will be Dr. Benjamin Barankin and Dr. Anatoli Freiman of the Toronto Dermatology Centre. Both will address the conference regarding new developments in cosmetic dermatology.

Along with being board-certified dermatologists, Drs. Freiman and Barankin are both Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada and of the American Academy of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery. The Canadian Skin Patient Alliance Conference is just one of the many conferences they participate, as they educated other doctors, residents and medical students and the general public about the art and science of dermatology.

“We’re honoured to have the opportunity to address the first-ever ‘Skin Matters’ conference,” Dr Barankin said. “The Canadian Skin Patient Alliance is a patient- and peer-centered organization that advocates for and supports those with skin conditions and disorders. We’re proud to be part of this innovative event.”

Organizers anticipate that the Skin Matters conference will pave the way for similar events in the future, where those with serious skin conditions can meet others like them, and find out about new treatments on the horizon.

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