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To facial, or not to facial?

To facial, or not to facial?

Medical estheticians doing facials? I thought when I went from being an esthetician working in a spa to becoming a medical esthetician that facials were off the menu. In fact, the first few places I worked at after starting my new, improved livelihood didn’t even believe that facials were of any importance and were almost menial compared to the technology that is out there today. I believed that too.

And then I started working at Toronto Dermatology Centre, where, even though I had been working in the beauty industry for over 25 years at that time, I found that I still had a lot to learn, and I was eager to do so. The clientele here is much different than the clientele at a MedSpa. There, most patients want to look younger and they are all over laser treatments and whatever it would take to get the results they were looking for. But here, we had every day people who had skin conditions, all kinds of skin conditions.

I have come to realize that facials, both our regular medical grade customized facials and our Oxygenating facials have a genuine place in healing the skin and clearing it, providing, sometimes, the opportunity to move on to the treatments I used to think were the only ones that mattered. Whether alone or in combination with other treatments, facials can help to clean the skin, reduce congestion and acne, rehydrate the skin to make it perform and repair better, and, I feel, even reduce inflammation with the right products being used. It also gives us an in depth opportunity to see how the skin reacts when treated and allows us a better understanding of what the skin may be lacking. This in turn allows us to better suggest proper home care and services to treat other concerns that the client has.

The oxygenating facial, known in many circles as the Hollywood Facial, is all about Hyaluronic acid, which keeps water in the skin, providing a volumizing, soothing and priming of the skin as a whole. There is no downtime and results are instant. It is the best treatment right before a big event like a wedding or festive occasion. One of my patients is a makeup artist, and whenever she has a function to attend, she will get the Oxygenating facial due to the fact that it makes her make up go on smooth and uniform. She looks airbrushed all evening!!

While we don’t have fancy names for all of our facials or have a deluxe collection of differentiated facials to offer here at TDC, each facial is, in fact, customized for the individual at the onset of each appointment. We don’t choose beforehand what to do, but instead, assess the skin on that day. Skin is like a machine, and is constantly working and changing and being affected by internal and external influences. Our goal is to rebalance the skin, making the machine work on its own to the best of its ability, creating a healthy environment for both the epidermis and the dermis to function well.

We have a plethora of treatments to help the skin at Toronto Dermatology Centre, and I have seen spectacular results will all of them. Beginning the journey to better skin health starts with understanding the skin, removing obstacles and getting to the heart of the problem. Facials do that, and as I have learned, not only do they have a place in the medical esthetics field, but they are a necessary part of keeping your machine running smoothly.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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