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PRP for Hair Loss: What You Should Know – RealSelf

PRP for Hair Loss: What You Should Know – RealSelf

What is PRP for hair loss?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) extracted from your own blood is loaded with growth factors and essential proteins. This nonsurgical treatment takes your own platelets and applies them to the areas of your scalp with thinning hair to stimulate the follicles and regrow your hair.

Some doctors, like Los Angeles–based hair restoration surgeon Dr. Jae Pak, are skeptical of this treatment. Dr. Pak told us that “with respect to scientific data, the beneficial effects of platelet-rich plasma have not been clearly proven.” Still, some doctors and RealSelf members are convinced that they’ve seen results.


  • It’s nonsurgical, with no downtime, anesthesia, or significant safety risks.
  • It costs significantly less than hair transplant surgery.
  • Some RealSelf members who say it’s Worth It had tried other nonsurgical treatments (like Rogaine and spironolactone) and finally saw results from PRP.


  • Results are temporary, so you’ll need up to three treatments to start and ongoing treatments every few months.
  • Benefits haven’t been fully proven by science.
  • RealSelf members who say this treatment was Not Worth It had multiple treatments and waited months for underwhelming (or nonexistent) results.

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