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Neotensil – You’ve Got to See this to Believe It

Neotensil is a first-of-its-kind, invisible shapewear film that dramatically reduces the appearance of under-eye bags within hours. This product creates an invisible film that essentially shrink wraps loose skin so effectively it looks almost like the bags have been surgically snipped away. It also helps people with under eye wrinkles and darkening as well.

Think of the concept of using Spanx to pull in bulges and give the body a tighter, smoother look and essentially that is what Neotensil does for under eye bags.

This technology creates an invisible shapewear™ film that tightens, smoothes and lifts the appearance of skin. And it does it instantly, with dramatically visible results within an hour that lasts all day. Given the trend to have less invasive, less surgical solutions to anti-aging, Strateris® Technology offers a completely topical, non-invasive answer to younger looking skin. 

Completely breathable, invisible and wearable, this cross-linking polymeric film works by adhering to the skin and then begins to shrink, smooth and become flat, reshaping and recontouring the appearance of lax skin and bulges.

Strateris® Technology, who created Neotensil, was invented by an interdisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians at Living Proof, consulting with world-renowned dermatologists.

Strateris® Technology was inspired by the attributes of youthful skin, in particular, the importance of skin elasticity and recoil. The scientists invented the wearable polymer film to mimic the elasticity, tensile strength, barrier protection and smooth, perfected contour of youthful skin. The technology is tunable, so future product iterations could potentially offer many fresh approaches to cosmetic challenges, such as combating the effects of aging on the forehead, neck or décolletage, as well as medical solutions for dermatological conditions! 

Clinical Studies suggest that Neotensil not only gives almost immediate results, but it’s hydrating properties help with long term effects as well. Below are some of the results from the studies.

  • Patients showed lasting results after 16 hours of wear
  • 100% of patients showed under-eye bag compression
  • 94% of patients had a reduction in the appearance of fine wrinkles
  • In a separate study, almost all patients saw improvement
  • 94% of patients showed any improvement in under-eye bag severity
  • 83% of patients showed a marked improvement or optimal result in the appearance of their under-eye bags after 3 hours of Neotensil wear
  • 87% of patients showed significant improvement in the appearance of lower lid wrinkles

 An additional study supported further benefits for Neotensil-treated skin, showing exceptional hydration after 24 hours. Consumer Satisfaction Is High With Neotensil;  63% of patients felt they looked 5 years younger after just 8 hours.

To learn more about Neotensil, book your complimentary application at Toronto Dermatology Centre to see the results for yourself. Finally there is an answer to your under eye bags, and the answer in Neotensil.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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