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Make a commitment this year to take care of your skin!

Make a commitment this year to take care of your skin!

new-year-goalsWhile everyone is making and breaking their New Year’s resolutions, why don’t you make a resolution that is easy to keep? Make a commitment this year to take care of your skin!

For those of you, who have put basically no previous time or effort into your skin, start small. A good quality cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen takes less than a minute of your day and will add years to a younger looking you. SkinMedica’s Facial Cleanser is ideal for all skin types, creates a gentle lather and is easily removed, leaving no residue on the skin. A moisturizer such as SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture for normal to oily skin or their Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 for a more mature skin is simple, easy to use and can be applied both morning and night. And SkinMedica’s Daily Physical Defense is always my go-to for the best protection sunscreens have to offer.

For many people, a good starter routine has been established. How can you make it better? Adding an active ingredient such as retinol or growth factors or even antioxidants will do wonders for improving the skin. ZO Skin Health and SkinMedica both make remarkable moisturizers or treatments containing one or all of these incredible anti-aging miracle ingredients. Oxygenetix, the world’s most breathable foundation. Oxygenetix gives complete and natural coverage to even the most sensitive and compromised skin. It also acts as a virtual second-skin, allowing it to breathe with no occlusive oils to interfere with the bodies natural healing process. And for the ultimate cleanse? Try Clarisonic Smart Profile tools that clean your skin 11 times better than clean with just your hands. Without clean skin, your great products won’t penetrate nearly as well, and the effects will take longer to achieve. In fact, it has been proven that using the Clarisonic will allow your home care to penetrate up to 68 times better! That’s an astounding difference!

And for those of you who are fed up with brown spots, broken vessels on your face, spider veins on your legs or just wanting to freshen up your skin on a regular basis, Toronto Dermatology Centre offers numerous services, the best in laser technology and practically anything else you can think of to make 2017 the year you can be proud of the way you look. Our dermatologists are specialists with Botox and fillers, and can improve your look after just one visit.

So for once, don’t let those New Year’s resolutions fade from your grasp again this year. Be it a simple routine or one more complex, be it regular facials or a series of laser treatments, get started now.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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