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The laser low-down – New Beauty

aesthetic treatmentOne of Hollywood’s best-kept skin secrets is lasers—everyone gets them, but no one really talks that much about them. In order to get gorgeous skin that glows, consider treating your skin with a laser. You may think they are heavy-duty treatments that will leave you hiding out in your house for days, but there’s a whole breed of lighter lasers now available, too, that can dramatically transform your skin without much pain or downtime. But there’s also a lot to know about lasers because not every treatment is exactly the same.

1/7   You might have to prep your skin beforehand.

Depending on the problem, some doctors recommend using pre-treatment products to make your results that much better. For example, if you are looking to treat discoloration or melasma, you may be given a prescription for hydroquinone and/or a series of peels to prevent hyperpigmentation from occurring post-laser. Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon may also recommend using a retinoid for four weeks (or more) prior to treatment, which will make the removal of damaged and pigmented skin cells easier. You’ll need to avoid the sun at all costs for a month or so before (and after), too.

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