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Group buying websites – watch out!

I just finished watching the terrific investigative show Market Watch, and they were highlighting the group buying website phenomenon which these days appears to be fizzling out and likely most of these companies will be out of business fairly soon. The show investigated numerous complaints from consumers which ranged from false “original” or “recommended” price, to products that never appeared or showed up but were not what was ordered. In other cases, a salon or spa looked amazing on the website or email offering, but when the consumer went to the business, they were disappointed to find unkempt and not ideal places to have your skin or hair or whatever taken care of.

The verbiage on these promotions and websites look pretty darn good, but the reality is far from it. We regularly treat patients who had signed up for laser hair removal or other services at ridiculous prices, only to be burned physically, and financially in many cases when these businesses went under after only having received 1-2 treatments. Mom was right, and this will never change, “you get what you pay for.” And as a clinic that regularly has to try and repair the harm done by under-trained personnel using the wrong equipment at the wrong settings, I can assure you that the cost to fix mistakes is always a lot more than having had it done properly to begin with. Be careful out there; go by word of mouth, and by checking out the clinic first and its credentials. Be smart; don’t get burned by false, misleading or empty promises.

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