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Getting Ready for Wedding Day:

Getting Ready for Wedding Day:

Weddings can be a great joy to plan, look forward to or be an intricate part of. Of course there is always the stress associated with planning or being the main attraction. Whether you are the bride, groom, family or friend, we can help relieve some of that stress for you. We can get you picture-ready for the big day.

Starting to prep for the big day depends on what your skin concerns are. If you have acne scars or sun spots, it is good to consider starting treatments well before the wedding. If you want to be a little svelter in your dress or tux, consider treating with CoolSculpting about 3-4 months beforehand for optimal results.  And if you are an attendee or someone with pretty good skin to start with, then there are a few simple options that can be done right before the wedding. Of course these tips are relevant to any major life event.

For smoothing out scars and evening complexion, I would suggest a consult as soon as possible to set up a plan that will get your skin in its best shape before the wedding. This may be done even up to a year in advance. To create new collagen, which is required for scars, it can take several treatments and collagen takes a while to become apparent on the surface of the skin. If only a few minor scars are present, treatments and results will be quicker. If you have active acne, come in sooner rather than later to have our physicians clear it up for the big day.

Sun damage is a very common problem for many adults and treatment is comparatively quicker than treating scars. Generally about 3 treatments with Broad Band Light (BBL), done 2-4 weeks apart will clear the skin, with larger sun spots occasionally requiring an extra treatment or so.

For redness or visible veins on the face or legs (or elsewhere), treatments are done every 3-4 weeks and may require 3-6 treatments for full results.

Botox and / or fillers (e.g. Juvederm, Restylane) may be a great option for smooth skin and volume, reducing frown-angry lines, Crow’s feet, tired eyes & more. Our dermatologists believe in a natural look for our patients, preferring to inject the minimal amount needed for great results and have you come back in a few weeks if you choose to add more. If you have never had fillers or Botox before, I suggest coming in at least 6 months before the big day to try it out and make sure you like the look. If you have had it before, then 1 month before the wedding is a great time to get the product settled in and will give you time to adjust the dose if necessary.

For those who just need a little refreshing before the big day, and maybe want to look extra good for the showers or rehearsal night dinner, a quick SilkPeel microdermabrasion is fantastic. It involves no downtime and brightens the face up immediately. It is a way to exfoliate and replenish/infuse the skin with nutrients that make it glow. Make up can be applied right afterwards and it is a great way to get that make up to go on smooth and keep the skin hydrated.

Right before the wedding, and especially for the bride, an Oxygenating facial is ideal. The Oxygenating facial can be done even the day before the wedding to add volume, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and allow make-up to be applied to absolute perfection. The treatment takes about 45 minutes and results, like the SilkPeel, are immediate. I suggest the Oxygenating facial for not only the bride, but the groom, the wedding party and, well, everybody in attendance who wants to look their best!

The most important consideration is to get motivated to take the first step in planning for your big day. Let us help you by assessing your skin, listening to what your concerns are, and helping you to have wedding ready skin. Book your complimentary consultation today.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre


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